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7 Generations of Grass-Based Farming


History of the Olson Family

Over 125 years ago our ancestors immigrated from Scandinavia to settle this land in Lena, Wisconsin. Since then, each Olson generation has raised their families and animals here. The original homestead is just around the corner from the dairy and is our first certified organic land. The dairy has been in the family since 1956.

We believe that our animals should be able to live in the most natural environment possible and that those conditions will impact food quality in a positive way. Our animals intensively graze as much nutritious grass as possible to improve their health and the health of our family.

This is our family farm and we welcome you to make it your family’s farm!

If you are interested in our healthy products, please Contact Us  or see our Farm Store tab. We look forward to hearing from you

The Olson's

Latest News 

May 16th 2019

We have new store hours. It is always good to call or email ahead of time, especially if you are looking for something particular. Busy time of year on the farm, but we always try to be available for visitors! See our store page for hours!


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