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The Farm Store

Our products slightly vary throughout the year. It is always best to call before a visit if you are looking for something specific. All of our products are pasture-based, and raised in their natural habitat for optimal health and taste. Our animals are all given the highest level of care! We love each and every one of them, and treat them with the respect all God's creatures deserve. In return, they provide our family with safe, tasty, and extremely nutritious food. 


Sunday: CLOSED

Monday: 9am - 6pm

Tuesday: Call or Email*

Wednesday: Call or Email*

Thursday: Call or Email*

Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 6pm

*While we are often available the farm gets a bit hectic here so if you are planning a trip out give us a call or email to make sure we are available when you arrive! 


920 834 4587

Our Farm

Located on 160 acres of prime pasture land, our farm is run primarily by our family. We work hard to maintain a clean and safe home for animals, children, and all visitors. We welcome visits from all who care to learn more about the farm life.  

The Store

The products we offer are the same products we use every day. We love to be able to share the healthy, tasty products with the community. We sell some local products including honey and maple syrup, as well as meat and poultry products.

Our Family

Family is very important to us.  Three of our eight children are still helping here on the farm, along with the next generation of grandsons.  It is a real blessing to raise children in a farm setting where they learn the value of hard work and the consistency of daily chores.

Our Products

All our meat products are pasture based, humanely raised, and treated with love and respect. They provide our family with the nutritional needs we require, so in return we provide them with a habitat that is natural and comfortable for them!

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