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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is your meat Organic?

All of our farm’s land is now certified organic and so all of the grass the animals eat is certified. In addition, all of our chicken feed is now certified organic as well. Our pigs eat some organic hay, and pasture as well as organic waste milk. We do supplement that with some locally purchased non-organic grain. None of our processors are certified organic though and so we are unable to certify the meat even though the majority of it is raised that way. 

Are the chickens and pigs “Grass-fed”?

The short answer is no, but they are pastured. Because chickens and pigs are not ruminants they need some grain to survive. We have found that with good management chickens and pigs will eat a lot of grass though. We move our meat chickens to new grass multiple times each day and our pigs get to dig in as much dirt, and eat as much grass, as they want.

What do you feed the “Grass-fed” animals in the winter?

Unfortunately, we have about five months of every year that we can’t graze our animals. In these months they are fed dry grass hay and balage. We make balage by baling the grass when it is still wet. We then use a machine to wrap the bales in plastic. This makes a fermented feed that the animals love!

Do you butcher your own animals?

No. We do not have a licensed butchering plant on our farm. Most of our processing is done by Beck’s Meats from Kaukauna, WI. We chose them because they did a nice job of packaging and were one of the few processors who do “nitrate-free” smoking. We wouldn’t want to ruin a quality meat product by putting bad stuff into it.

For additional information or questions please fill out the Contact Us Form! Thank You! 

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